Founded in 2012, the Poth Education Foundation is a non-for-profit, 501(c)3.  Led by community volunteers, we are "charting the course for excellence".  The mission of the foundation is to partner with the community to generate and distribute resources to enrich teaching, inspire learning and maximize opportunities for all students in the Poth ISD.  Together, let us continue in helping Poth ISD be a place where all students can learn, grow and thrive.  


2023- 2024 Board of Directors

Lauren Malik, President

Julie Eckel, VP of Programming

Jenny Kolodziej, VP of Marketing

Michelle Martin, Secretary

Ashley Chohlis, Superintendent

Kacy Janysek

Kaylin Biela

Pam Nichols

Jenifer Moczygemba

Shanna Toborg

Audrey Harton

Rachel Robbins

Lea Belletz

Brandi Snyder

Why the need for an Education Foundation?

State funding is waning in all school districts and communities across Texas are looking for ways to fund additional opportunities to provide a top-rated education for all students.

Foundations, especially those set up through 501(c)3 guidelines, allow people like you, the ability to direct funds to the foundation , ensuring your donations are used to provide the highest quality support by meeting current needs of students, educators, the district and the community through a structured grant selection process.  In addition,  you will be provided a charitable donation contribution statement for  donations to the Poth Education Foundation which may qualify for a tax deduction.    

Megan Posey, VP of Development

Katy Kotara, VP of Finance

Rhealyn Hubbert, VP of Events

Sam Semlinger

Natasha Umphres

Jessica Deason

Sarah Aniol

Tiffany Kosub

Samantha Shannon

Jordan Trevino

Cristal Startz

Della Krpec

Erika Urbanczyk

General Board Members